Willow River Falls, Wisconsin

willow river falls 1Willow River Falls on a beautiful summer day is a great destination for families.  It’s a rare falls that kids can actually climb around and bathe in safely (when water isn’t too high or fast). But be careful as the rocks can be slippery, but usually you can follow a sure footed child whose discovered the best hand and footholds.


You can also fish and rock climb on the falls.

willow river falls 2It’s a bit of a hike to get to the falls whether you’re at the campground or the parking lot.  You have to pay a fee to enter the state park, but once you pay at the main entrance, go back out to County Road A,  go north and you’ll find a small parking lot on your left (Willow Falls Parking Lot).  Park there if there is room, it’s a slightly shorter walk to the falls.  Although, there is a large hill you have to walk down, which doesn’t seem so bad until you have to walk back up it at the end of the day.

willow river falls 3

willow river falls 5There is also a very long staircase (approximately 200 stairs) leading up to an overlook of the Falls.







willow river falls 6Of course, there are a number of other things to do in this park besides splash in the falls – you can camp, boat and hike and there is a Nature Center and an old graveyard.  We walked part of the Willow Falls Trail and it was a pretty flat and easy hike.



willow river falls 4