Treasure Falls, Colorado

treasure fallsIf you’ve read any other pages on this website, you know I love 2 things – waterfalls and parks.  Treasure Falls combined both those loves.  We discovered this falls quite by accident at the end of our tour of the National Parks last year.

treasure falls 2We were cruising across Colorado on Route 160 when I spotted a crowd of people by the side of the road looking up. We pulled over, thinking they had discovered some wildlife (logical conclusion in the wildlife-abundant mountains).  Instead, they were staring at a beautiful, towering waterfall.

treasure falls 3Treasure Falls is on Falls Creek in the San Juan Mountains.  It cascades 150 feet. According to interpretive signs at the viewpoint, the area is also home to the water ouzel, a type of bird. I don’t recall seeing an ouzel, but I did see this wildlife.


treasure falls 4According to “legend” (i.e., another interpretive sign), “there is gold in them thar hills” as well; a cache found and hidden by a group of Frenchmen in the 1700s.

You get a good view of the falls in the viewpoint right off the road.  However, there is a hiking path that climbs up steeply into the mountains via a series of switchbacks, which takes you to a bridge crossing in front of the falls, as well as to a couple other viewpoints closer up to the falls.

I made the hike up to the bridge. It probably only took about 20 minutes. It was a slightly windy day and the water gave off a light mist when it hit the ground and sometimes it blew on me. Felt nice on a warm spring day.treasure falls 5