Cross River Falls Minnesota

Cross River Falls 1I’m back from my most recent trip up North exploring more waterfalls.  We introduced my youngest niece to some of my favorite falls – High Falls on the Pigeon River, Gooseberry Falls and Devils Kettle – did some kayaking, and had a serious fall that I’m still recovering from.

On the way, we discovered the Cross River Falls.

Cross River Falls is right along highway 61 near Schroeder, Minnesota.  We spotted it as we were driving along the freeway and quickly pulled over.  There is a convenient wayside rest right next to it where you can park and walk to the overpass.

Cross River Falls 2Legend has it Cross River is where Father Baraga planted his cross when he arrived in the area.  There is a now a marker there marking the place where the original cross stood.

Be sure to check out the waterfall from both sides of the overpass.

Check back soon as I have updated pictures for some of the falls we revisited!  Meanwhile, enjoy these pictures of Cross River Falls from a few angles.  We had a lot of rain Cross River Falls 3earlier in the summer and these falls were really roaring!