grand tetons (19)When we left our Yellowstone adventure (see my previous posts), we drove south through the Grand Tetons on our way to Rocky Mountain National Park.  Would I recommend you do this?  NO!  You should spend more than one day and take in the beauty of the Grand Tetons.  However, if you are like us and are just passing through, I have the following suggestions for what you can do to make the most of your day in the Tetons.

Jenny Lake

grand tetons jenny lake (4)We met a couple in Yellowstone who highly recommended seeing Jenny Lake and it was worth the trip.  It is a scenic lake with several viewpoints on Jenny Lake Scenic Drive, just off the main Teton Park Road.  Stop at the viewpoints along the scenic drive as well. For

grand tetons (32)
Cathedral Group

example, you will have a great view of the Cathedral Group, which includes the Grand Teton Peak.






grand tetons jenny lake (22)


Teton Glacier

grand tetons (67)Yes, as you drive through the Tetons, you will see glaciers. Be sure to stop at the Teton Glacier viewpoint.  The glacier sits between Grand Teton and Mount Owen, two peaks of the Cathedral Group. This glacier is melting and will someday disappear.


Menor’s Ferry Historic District

grand tetons menors ferry maude nobles cabin
Maud Noble’s cabin

This area is significant because it contains Maud Noble’s cabin, where the first meeting was held which eventually led to the development of the Grand Teton National Park.   The area also contains Menor’s original homestead cabin, outbuildings, smokehouse,  a

grand tetons menors ferry chapel of transfiguration (5)
Chapel of the Transfiguration

general store store (where you can still shop – try the home brewed root beer), his ferry site (he ferried people back and forth across the adjacent snake river) and the Chapel of the Transfiguration.  There grand tetons menors ferry chapel of transfiguration (6)is a window behind the altar with a stunning view of the Tetons. It’s still in use.

grand tetons menors ferry (17)


grand tetons menors ferry general store
general store


Jackson Hole Aerial Tram

grand tetons aerial tram (25)
Grand Teton Peak

Jackson Hole mountain resort has an aerial tram that will, for kind of a steep fee, take you up the mountainside.  Your destination is the summit of Rendezvous Mountains at over 10,400 feet. The view was worth it, but be careful.  It was incredibly windy. Don’t grand tetons aerial tram (49)get too close to the edge when taking your photos or you may be blown right over.  You will have a great view of the Grand Teton Peak.


We were also fortunate to spot a mama moose and her baby in the trees by the side of the road on our way out.grand tetons aerial tram (14)grand tetons aerial tram (35)


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